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Professional Speaker Coaching

Are you an emerging speaker, leader in your organization or entrepreneur and feeling the desire to use your voice to make a bigger impact on your community with your work or message? You might be more ready than you think, I can help!

Learn how coaching can help you!

Emerging Speakers

You have a story within and you know it and you want to use it to make a bigger impact on your community. It is time to level up!

Organization Leaders

You want to show up authentically, use your voice in leadership, and help others to do the same! You know it is time to take action!


You are launching your passion project and you need to be visible to so you can promote it and make profit. It is time to play bigger!

What Is Your Potential On The Stage?

I was asked to do a TEDx talk in 2017. As a result of this experience, I got to access amazing TED speakers as coaches. Watch my TEDx talk as you imagine the story you have inside of you and imagine yourself on the stage.


How I prepared for my TEDx Talk

I wanted to be a professional speaker but I was so scared and didn't believe that my story could impact anyone. The thought of speaking on a stage in front of 500 people gave me anxiety to the point where I almost called to cancel on the morning of my TEDx talk. I was practicing in the morning and I felt panic...


Jessica's Keynote

A sought-after speaker in the areas of women in business, leadership success and Indigenous inclusion. She is an energetic and motivated professional who quickly gains the trust of her audience with her warm and engaging personality and professional style.


Coaching with Jessica

A Speaker Coach, Certified Life Coach and business coach, Jessica is passionate about helping women live confidently and independently. Jessica is  enthusiastic about personal growth and recognizes how our own personal growth stimulates the impact on our community.

Facilitation by Jessica

Highly skilled facilitator in Facilitation Fundamentals and Advanced Business Design Facilitation. She has flexibility, well-honed skills and deep insight in community and leadership. She is engaging, entertaining and very interactive. 

Featured in Magazines!

In 2017, I was a recipient of the  Future Leaders of Manitoba Award and Manitoba's T0p 40 Under 40. In 2018, I was invited to speak at SheDay, in front of 1500 women! And every year, there is a highlight in Winnipeg's business magazine, Who's Who! Guess what I talked about at Sheday? 


Ready for more?

Stop stopping because you think you're not ready, you don't know where to start or you're just plain scared! I can help you with the confidence, the strategy and the support you need to be seen and make it happen!  Take action on your big vision for your life, right now!

Women everywhere are using this 5 STEP CONFIDENCE BUILDING FORMULA to build their confidence, behind the camera and on the stage!

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