Helping you speak with clarity and confidence to gain the visibility and professional profile you want.

Jessica has spoken at over 100 events

As a keynote, Emcee, Moderator and Panelist

She's been a pitch Judge and Wedding Commissioner and 

done tons of Facebook & Instagram lives.

She's been featured on radio/tv/magazines/podcasts and 

Introduced Michelle Obama on a stage of 7,500 people

She's spoken at Universities, business networks, Chambers of Commerce, National Museums, School Divisions, National Companies, National Summits and government officials!


She has a TEDx talk and Disrput HR talk & has made $100K+ doing it!

Without a speakers bureau or toastmasters.

She raised three sons getting paid to speak.

And her next speaking dream is to help you do the same!

Learn What Coaching Can Do

Picture Yourself On Stage

I was speaking all over the place about different things and then..I was asked to do a TED talk. As a result of this experience, I got to access amazing TED speaker coaches and then made the decision to make speaking work for me. Watch my TEDx talk as you imagine yourself on stage. What would you talk about?


Jessica's Keynote

A sought-after speaker in the areas of women in business and leadership success. Jessica is an energetic and motivated professional who quickly gains the trust of her audience with her warm and engaging personality and professional style.


Coaching with Jessica

A Certified Life Coach and speaker coach, Jessica is passionate about helping women live confidently through communication. She is enthusiastic about personal growth and recognizes how personal growth stimulates the impact on community.

The Podcast

Find The Confidence and Communication Podcast everywhere you listen to podcasts. Jessica's goal is to empower women everywhere to use their voice to take up space and change the world!



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